Recording for the ABC album “I Dreamed A Dream – Hits from Broadway” – Part 2

As for the arrangements we chose for the songs – we wanted something a little different. I worked closely with Guy and Simon Rogers, the artistic director for the TSO, so we could search for arrangements which would echo the original score but would present the song in a slightly different way. You just have to look at a concert of Beyonce to notice the arrangement of a piece has just as much impact as the song itself! So when I was asked to sing songs which have been around for a while, it was lovely to come up with a different version. I really like it when an artist such as Katherine Jenkins reinvents classic songs. The songs she sings are beautifully arranged. If you study and listen to them closely, you will notice they have been well crafted to match her voice. That’s what we were aiming for.

How did it all end up?

Well, there were quite a number of artists on the album in the end, each with a very different vocal style and voice type. It was such a thrill to be on the same album with a legend like Toni Lammond who has been working in the Australian industry for many, many years. I really enjoyed singing the duets with both Andrew Conaghan and Michael Falzon. I sang with Andy during the recent tour of the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber. His voice has a lovely timbre and it’s fantastic to sing and harmonise with him and he’s a lot of fun to work with! I also sang with Michael Falzon and we performed for the launch of the album in Tasmania. He’s a high energy singer who pushed me to learn some more contemporary songs which was great!! I’ll be writing about the launch in another post!!

The recording was a major focus of this year for me and although I contributed just a few tracks, there was a lot of work behind the scenes. Even though I have performed in the 8-shows-a-week musicals, recording and working with an orchestra is a completely different skill set. It’s something I want to continue exploring and developing because for me, it’s very rewarding! It’s exciting and challenging at the same time and I’m so grateful to Guy Noble and the ABC to have been a part of this album. Also to the TSO for all their wonderful playing both for the recording and for the live concerts I took part in this year.

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